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An illustration of Wudpecker showing how users can import meeting templates to streamline their meeting preparation.
📑 Preparation

Streamline your meeting prep

Start every meeting prepared. Wudpecker’s template provides clear agenda and talking points during your meetings. That way, you make most out of your time and run productive meetings.
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"With a click I can import the exact template I need for the upcoming meeting. It’s a game-changer for our team’s productivity."
- Pekka Viilto, Head of Sales, Rundit
📹 Record

Record and transcribe Zoom, Google Meet, Teams meetings

Wudpecker joins your calls, records and transcribes them automatically. Make every conversation searchable and cut through the noise to extract what matters most to you.
A picture of our recommender
"I don’t need to distract myself during meetings to take notes anymore, because I can go back and look at the whole picture."
- Sunny Kellman, Sales Specialist, Valohai
GIF demonstrating how to recording feature works in our AI tool
An illustration of Wudpecker showing how Wudpecker generates meeting summaries using ChatGPT
🤖 Notes

MeetingGPT - ChatGPT for your meetings

Powered by chatGPT, Wudpecker produces an outlined summary for every meeting. No more need for digging through the whole transcript to see what you might have missed.
A picture of our recommender
"Wudpecker’s AI summary really improves the notes’ quality. Feels like no details are missed from the conversation anymore."
- Elia Elenius, COO, Videobot
🔗 Share

Share meeting insights to teammates

Hubspot, Salesforce, Notion, Docs, Slack. Share the summary to wherever your team is! Nothing gets lost in translation.
A picture of our recommender
"I can instantly share what happened during the meeting, and keep everyone in updated and clear on the action plan."
- Tommi Huovinen, CEO, Introist
GIF demonstrating how to recording feature works in our AI tool

Designed for innovators across the organization

Close more deals with on-point meeting agendas

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Sales discovery call
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Demo calls
Checkmark icon
Sales stand ups
Checkmark icon
New rep coaching
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Sales and partnerships template example - BANT sales qualification call template picture

Keep your customers happy from away from churn

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Customer feedback
Checkmark icon
Customer hand-off
Checkmark icon
Client check-ins
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EOQ business reviews
Learn more →
Customer Success template example - client check-in template picture

Get in sync with customer's voice in real-time

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User & market research
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Campaign strategy
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Marketing template example - AD campaign ideas brainstorm template picture

Be more productive and focus on people

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Candidate interviews
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Employee on-boarding
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Performance reviews
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Exit interviews
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Talent acquisition template example - Job interview template picture
🧩 Integrations

We work where you work

Share summaries and snippets to where your teammates are
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All in one place
With all necessary data in one place, teams can quickly identify opportunities, make informed decisions, and stay up-to-date with project progress.
Perfect for teams looking to improve their collaboration, streamline workflows, and gain better visibility into their projects.
❤️ Customer Stories

What our users say about us

"Wudpecker’s note-taking capability is top-notch. It captures all the important details from my meetings, allowing me to focus on building relationships with my clients."
A picture of Johannes Torppa
Johannes Torppa
Sales Director, Allocat
"Wudpecker’s AI summary really improves the notes’ quality. Feels like no details are missed from the conversation anymore."
A picture of Elia Elenius
Elia Elenius
COO, Videobot
"It's better use of my time not to be in every meeting. Wudpecker provides more opportunities for coaching and sparring on the most interesting sales cases."
A picture of Akseli Matila
Akseli Matila
Head of Sales, AdvanceB2B
"Training my sales reps just became 10x faster with Wudpecker"
A picture of Teemu Raitaluoto
Teemu Raitaluoto
CEO, Markettailor
"Gone are the days when I inherit a new account and dread about reading the handover documentation."
A picture of Henna Hirvikoski
Henna Hirvikoski
Customer Success Manager, Videobot
"There's huge ROI because we're able to get a new team member to produce results a few months earlier, and our profit margin increases greatly!"
A picture of Lassi Lankinen
Lassi Lankinen
Sales & Partner, Finders Seekers

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