Less typing, More selling.

Focus on listening in your calls. Wudpecker will take care of your notes and tasks. Automatically.

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Best notes that you won't even have to take

Taking notes have been part of selling since before you were born, probably. Our mission is to make that part of the history. Much like what modern CRMs did to Rolodex in 2000s.

Why? well because when your customer is talking, and you're scribbling, guess what? you're not listening! We've made Wudpecker so you can finally focus on your customers.


Every word recorded and searchable

Wudpecker automatically transcribes and tags your call recordings. Was on-boarding a blocker? Or a competitor? Find out with a simple search.


High quality notes, Automagically

Wudpecker can prepare notes using your call templates in your CRM. High quality standardized notes for every call without spending time manually writing them.


No more 'I think they said'

No opinions. No hearsay. Make your notes tell the true reality of your sales conversations. Finally your notes will sound like your customers. Not like you.


Keep RevOps off your back

Nobody like filling in the CRM. Let Wudpecker do your sales busywork while you focus on closing more deals. Like the way it should have been all along.

It's better use of my time not to be in every meeting. Wudpecker provides more opportunities for coaching and sparring on the most interesting sales cases.
Akseli Matila
Head of sales, AdvanceB2B
With Wudpecker, I don't need to distract myself during meetings to take notes, because I can go back and look at the whole picture.
Sunny Kellman
Sales specialist, Valohai

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