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July 9, 2024

Organize Notes into Collections

Just like you’d organize any other work documents, it makes sense to group similar call notes into their own collections.

Here’s what you can do when it comes to organizing calls on Wudpecker.

1) Create a New Collection

In the menu, press + next to Collections and name your new collection. Then, assign a distinct color for it so it’s easier to differentiate from others.

You can also edit and delete collections later.

screen recording showing how to create a new collection in the menu

2) Move to Another Collection

In case you need to reorganize calls into different collections, there are a few different ways to go about it. Each call can only belong to one collection at a time.

screen recording showing how to move a call to another collection in My Calls or the single call view

June 26, 2024

Click on Quotes, See Them in Transcript

Finding the details from a past work conversation has never been this easy.

Here’s why:

You can click on the quotes Ask Wudpecker has given you from the meeting and jump straight to the correct timestamp in the transcript.

Let Wudpecker do the treasure hunting for you. It’s like your personal Indiana Jones.

screen recording of clicking on sources from ask wudpecker and seeing the related parts in the transcript

June 25, 2024

See Quote Sources

Want to find an exact quote from the meeting but don’t…

  • have time to scroll through the whole transcript?
  • remember what was said word-for-word so the good ol’ Cmd + F search functionality won’t serve you either?

Well, worry no more. Ask Wudpecker can answer any question about your meeting, and back it up with quotes from the conversation.

The Sources button does the trick.

screen recording of pressing sources on the ask wudpecker chat

June 24, 2024

Share a Call Directly to Another User’s Workspace

You might have received or shared Wudpecker calls with your colleagues before, and noticed that the shared copy can’t be edited. It’s often also behind a link in some old email which makes it more difficult to go back to.

But what if you could share calls to other people’s Wudpecker account directly, where it appears as a meeting summary like any other?

It’s totally possible! Simply go to a call, press Share, type an email address, and press enter. Once you’ve added all the addresses, click Share once more.

screen recording of sharing a call

Now the call will automatically appear in the recipients’ Wudpecker account. They can add the call to any of their own collections and edit the notes as much as they want. They can also use Ask Wudpecker for that call. None of these actions will affect the original version in the original account in any way.

a screen recording of seeing a shared call in your wudpecker account

June 20, 2024

Ask Follow-up Questions About AI Insights

AI not always giving you a clear answer on Ask Wudpecker?

Now you can ask it follow-up questions about any part of the insights.

Just highlight the section you want to refer to, and give the AI a new question or instruction related to the section.

When you do this, AI can understand the context of your query better and is less likely to give you unrelated explanations.

screen recording of using the "ask follow-up" feature on Ask Wudpecker

June 18, 2024

Quick Actions With Ask Wudpecker

Next to your call summary, if your chat history on Ask Wudpecker is empty, you can automate different actions with one click.

Currently, these are available:

  1. Action items: creates a table for all the action items assigned during the call, including who they’re assigned to, description, and relevant quotes (which you can click on to see the source in the transcript)
  2. Summarize: provides a different version of a call summary so you can choose which one you like better.
  3. Follow-up email: drafts a follow-up email for you that thanks the other participant for the meeting, mentions some discussion points, and addresses tasks or decisions that were made.
screen recording of pressing different quick actions on ask wudpecker

June 17, 2024

Move Wudpecker’s Insights Into the Call Summary

The summary is now fully editable, which of course means you can also paste any text into it.

So, when you get an answer from Ask Wudpecker, highlight the text and copy (Cmd + C) or simply press “Copy”.

Then, go over to your summary and paste (Cmd + V) the text wherever you want.

Simple yet effective.

screen recording of copying and pasting an ask wudpecker answer to the summary

June 13, 2024

Delete Chat History and See Previous Prompts

Ask Wudpecker is now a more prevalent part of the Wudpecker workflow for many users.


Because the summary doesn’t always give you exactly the information you need or in the format you want to read it.

You can get any insights from the meeting with the help of AI prompts (in other words, instructions).

We have a couple of new features for handling your previous prompts:

  • delete chat history
  • see and use previous prompts
screen recording of deleting ask wudpecker chat history and checking previous prompts

With these features, you can start with a clean slate and keep your Ask Wudpecker window tidy. Or, if you need to refresh your memory about past prompts, now you can reuse them with one click.

June 11, 2024

Edit Notes Directly

Sometimes Wudpecker notes need minor personal adjustments here and there.

Maybe you just need to change an individual name or word. Or you might want to quickly rearrange text or add your own thoughts somewhere.

It can get complicated and time consuming to give an instruction to AI to do all that for you. At times it even edits things you didn’t ask it to, if your prompt was a bit off.

This is why we’ve enabled direct manual editing!

gif showing how to directly edit wudpecker notes

Simply click where you want to make changes, and start typing or highlighting text, just like you would on any other text editor program.

Pro tip: If you type forward slash (’/’), you can create a heading, subheading, bulleted list, or a task list.

May 14, 2024

GPT 4o for Absolute Speed

Ask Wudpecker now runs on GPT 4o. The response speed is now 5 times faster. We might have to slow it down a bit so you can keep up with reading the response.

With this speed, a lot of possibility opens up. For example, when you are reporting customer feedback and your manager ask for something that wasn't in the report, now you can just hop into the call and ask Wudpecker directly. No more "I'll write that down and get back to you after the meeting!"