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Beyond fractured data

You create knowledge, we put the knowledge where you expect it to be.
Sprint dailys note

Recurring meetings

Meeting titles might stay the same, but the discussions always updates. Let Wudpecker evolve with you.

Progress report note

Project-based meetings

Tracking project deliverables and responsibilities no longer needs to be messy.

Demo calls note

Account-based meetings

Visibility over all the discussions related to an account, a customer, a prospect, a deal.

An AI built for knowledge extraction

Supercharge your productivity.
Custom Summary

More knowledge, less noise

Your long conversations condensed into knowledge, ready to consume.
"I used to read long transcript because I didn't find any tools with reliable summary, until Wudpecker."
Kelvin, CEO, Dexude
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Ask Wudpecker

Ask. Get facts. Get insights

Wudpecker finds you factual numbers, but also actionable answers.
"Whenever I need specifics on a topic, or get quotes on it, I go to Ask Wudpecker."
Pekka, Co-founder, Rundit
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Your workflow, supercharged

Knowledge that goes where you work in the format that you want.
"I always want to share my Wudpecker notes to my colleagues. The integrations handle it for me."
Nick, Account Executive, Cevoid
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Live recording

Record in-person

Online or offline, Wudpecker takes notes for you either way.
"A big pain point of going back to office is now solved. Wudpecker takes in-person meeting notes for me too."
Akseli, Head of sales, AdvanceB2B
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We’re invested in your security


GDPR compliant

As an EU company, we comply with GDPR. We regularly review our architecture, data flows and agreements to ensure that our platform stays compliant.

Data protection

We use 256-bit advanced encryption standard (AES-256) to encrypt data at rest and mandatory HTTPS for transit.

Your privacy

All your recordings are stored securely in EU server. Wudpecker has a dedicated team for oversight and governance of our user’s data.

What our users say about us

  • 5 stars

    "Wudpecker’s note-taking capability is top-notch. It captures all the important details from my meetings, allowing me to focus on building relationships with my clients."

    Johannes Torppa
    Sales Director, Allocat
  • 5 stars

    "Wudpecker’s AI summary really improves the notes’ quality. Feels like no details are missed from the conversation anymore."

    Elia Elenius
    COO, Videobot
  • 5 stars

    "It's better use of my time not to be in every meeting. Wudpecker provides more opportunities for coaching and sparring on the most interesting sales cases."

    Akseli Matila
    Head of Sales, AdvanceB2B
  • 5 stars

    "Training my sales reps just became 10x faster with Wudpecker"

    Teemu Raitaluoto
    CEO, Markettailor
  • 5 stars

    "Gone are the days when I inherit a new account and dread about reading the handover documentation."

    Henna Hirvikoski
    Customer Success Manager, Videobot
  • 5 stars

    "There's huge ROI because we're able to get a new team member to produce results a few months earlier, and our profit margin increases greatly!"

    Lassi Lankinen
    Sales & Partner, Finders Seekers