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Effortlessly share meeting notes with your team, no matter where they work. Let Wudpecker do the busywork while you focus on tasks that create value.
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Smooth flow into third party platforms

Push your meeting notes into the channels that your team connects in. With Wudpeckerโ€™s integrations, you can collaborate and stay organized like never before.
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Connect your Microsoft or Google Calendar to Wudpecker and schedule and manage meetings effortlessly.
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Collaboration tools
With integrations to Slack, Notion and Docs, you can easily share your notes with your team, no matter where they work.
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With Wudpecker's integration to HubSpot, you can connect your meeting notes to the right customer record and stay organized.
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Data sync
Wudpecker syncs all the critical meeting insights with your CRM system, eliminating the need for tedious manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.
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Save time
Perfect for busy professionals who don't have the time to manually switch between multiple apps in between meetings.
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Optimized workflows
With all necessary data in one place, teams can quickly identify opportunities, make informed decisions, and stay up-to-date with progress.
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Why our users love the Collaboration feature

โ€œThe CRM integration in Wudpecker is a lifesaver. It saves me hours of manual data entry and ensures that my sales team has access to the latest information.โ€
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Tommi Huovinen
CEO, Introist
"Thanks to Wudpecker's seamless integration with CRM, the notes taken during meetings are automatically synced, which is a nice touch. With this feature, Wudpecker has taken away the admin work from me."
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Toni von Schulman
Sales Manager, Videobot
"Their integration with CRMs is super helpful and saves our time a lot. I've tested several tools in the market, and their AI summary solution seems to be the most advanced."
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Pekka Viilto
Head of Sales, Rundit

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