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Get notes based on reality

No more scribbling notes by hand! Let our AI transcribe your meetings and create perfect chatGPT summaries. Plus, you'll never have to rely on opinions or hearsay again โ€“ just the cold, hard truth.
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Capture every word and have a clear record to revisit anytime.
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Supports language transcription in over 30 languages.
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ChatGPT summary
Distillate large amounts of information into a concise summary.
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Time markers
Click the section of the transcript you want to review and the tool will take you straight to that point in the recording.
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Search for specific words or phrases in the transcribed text of a meeting or conversation.
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Speaker recognition
Each speaker's contributions are accurately recorded, making it easier to review and follow up on action items.
โค๏ธ Customer Stories

Why our users love the MeetingGPT feature

"One of the things I appreciate most about the tool is how it saves me time. With just a few clicks, I can generate a summary of my sales calls, which saves me from having to spend hours transcribing and organizing my notes."
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Teemu Raitaluoto
CEO, Markettailor
"My favorite feature of Wudpecker is its AI summary and I was super impressed at how accurately it creates notes of my meetings. This feature has truly transformed the way I approach meetings, resulting in a significant increase in my productivity."
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Jon Hautamรคki
Head of Sales, Saxdor Yachts
"Wudpecker gives me the ability to see the forest and the tree. Their summary is fire. I get the overview of an hour long meeting in 2 minutes."
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Sunny Kellman
Sales Specialist, Valohai

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