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April 25, 2024

Search Calls by Content

Need to go back to an old call to find more context for a specific topic?

But finding the notes in the list of all calls would require a lot of scrolling and skimming through all the meeting titles?

To solve this problem, we of course have always had a typical search bar where you can find call notes based on the title.

But what if multiple notes for recurring meetings have the same title, and now you can’t differentiate between them?

Here’s what you can do.

Option 1: Search by Keywords in the Transcript

gif showing how to search calls on wudpecker by two keywords, then going to the call and finding those same keywords in the transcript with Cmd + F

Click on the search bar above the menu on the left, or press Cmd + K. Start typing exact words that were said during the call. When you find the call you were looking for, click on it.

Option 2: Ask AI About the Topic

gif showing how to search calls by asking a question from ask wudpecker in the search bar

It’s normal if you can’t remember exact words or phrases that were said in a call. That’s why we have a second option: Asking Wudpecker in the same search (Cmd + K) about calls that mentioned a specific topic.

You don’t need to remember details perfectly, as long as you provide context for what you’re looking for. Wudpecker will figure out the rest for you, and suggest calls that you might want to open.

April 11, 2024

MacOS App for a Bot-less Recording Experience

We just rolled out our MacOS native app for a bot-less recording experience! This means:

  • No more AI bots joining your meetings
  • You can pause whenever

But it also means:

  • You are responsible for capturing the recording
  • You must inform about the recording to the participants yourself!
Record meetings online and in person with MacOS app

P.S. Windows version coming soon!

March 25, 2024

Personalize Your Future Notes

In our new UI, you might have noticed the little tab at the bottom right corner called "Personalize your notes". But what is that about?

Wudpecker now becomes an assistant with memory. As you provide specific instructions on how you'd like your notes, all future meetings will be summarized in that way.

writing a new instruction on wudpecker

Hopefully, the process is intuitive enough.

But here's a quick breakdown of how Instructions work:

  1. You can create a list of different instructions, which tells Wudpecker how you want all your future notes to look.
  2. You can create, edit, and delete the instructions.
  3. Our Evaluator gives you feedback on the quality of your instruction, and how it can be improved.

Give it a try and see how your future notes change for the better!

March 18, 2024

Reminder of Last Call’s Content

Need to quickly hop on the next call but don’t remember what was discussed in the last conversation within the same context?

Don’t have time to go through your old notes to find out?

Recap is here to help.

generating recap on wudpecker

If you have notes of an earlier similar meeting, Wudpecker lets you quickly generate a recap of its content.

This is especially helpful for recurring meetings with long intervals, like quarterly business reviews.

Even with frequent meetings, the specific discussions of each can easily get mixed up in our minds.

Without having to go to another page, you can now prepare yourself better for your meeting even when you don’t have a lot of time.

Where can I find it?

Navigate to your next meeting's recap either in Upcoming Calls or the Calendar view in My Calls.

March 11, 2024

New UI for Navigating Your Meetings

A brand new user interface for the browser app is out!

Let’s take a look specifically at how to navigate all your calls.

(1) How to See Past (and Upcoming) Calls

Here's how the view for My Calls has changed.

Now you have two options to revisit your previous calls.

1. Through the Calendar view… (where you can also see upcoming meetings for the next few days)

gif of using calendar view in wudpecker

2. …or the List view.

Navigate to either view from the top right corner in My Calls.

gif of using list view for meeting notes on wudpecker

What’s the difference?

Calendar view: easily keep track of what meetings you've had or will have, and on which exact date and time.

  • By clicking on any previous meeting, you get a quick view of the notes (which you can also open to view in their full form).
  • By clicking on the next upcoming call, you can view the recap (which we talked about in our last update on March 22).

List view: find your old meeting notes the more traditional way.

  • By scrolling down the list, you can go through all your previous meetings faster than in the calendar view.

Pro tip for quick navigation: click on the search bar on the left top corner or press Cmd + K to search a meeting by title or participants.

gif of using the search bar on wudpecker

(2) How to See Only Upcoming Calls

In the main menu, you can also select Upcoming Calls.

Here you’ll find…

  • a list of all your calendar events for the next 3 days
  • a recap for your next meeting
  • settings for which calls you want Wudpecker to join
  • toggle buttons so you can manually enable or stop Wudpecker from joining specific future meetings
gif about managing upcoming calls on wudpecker

March 4, 2024

Sharing Notes Got a Makeover

There were two problems with sharing previously:

  1. Sharing summaries via email was automatic, so you didn't have time to perfect the notes before they were sent.
  2. There was only a plain "Copy link" button. You had to write your own description text to provide context for the link.

Now you have more options.

  • Edit a pre-made message describing the content of the link
  • Copy link
  • Copy link and message
  • Send as email: send the message and the link automatically to all participants’ emails or only the participants you choose
gif of clicking the share notes button on wudpecker browser app

If you decide to send an automatic email, Wudpecker does it for you.

But if you copy the message and/or the link, you can paste it anywhere you like (Slack, WhatsApp, Notion, and so on.)

gif of showing how to share notes to slack and email

Happy sharing!

February 26, 2024

Edit Individual Sections in Notes

Previously, Wudpecker allowed you to edit notes with any custom prompt, but that applied to the whole summary.

Guess what: now you can do what you want for any individual section at a time!

Don’t worry, you can still also rewrite the whole summary at once. This new feature gives you some more freedom if you’re only unhappy with specific parts of the summary and don’t want to lose the other ones.

There are a few things you can do with sections.

(1) Edit with Prompt

editing a section on wudpecker's notes

Want to keep a section, but are not entirely happy with it? Maybe you want to change the layout a bit, or change some information slightly?

Simply click “Edit with prompt” on the section, and tell Wudpecker what changes you want.

You will see a preview of a new version of the section, and you can either accept or discard the change.

(2) Delete

There might also be a time when a specific section stands out as more useless than the others.

By clicking on the trash (🗑️) icon, you can delete the section.

deleting a section on wudpecker

Note that this action is irreversible. However, nothing will happen to the original transcript. If you accidentally lost important information while deleting a section, you can…

(3) Add a section

Are your notes missing something? Don’t want to risk rewriting the whole thing, but just want to gather a few more key points?

Just as you can remove a section, you can also add one.

adding a new section on wudpecker

This process is very straightforward.

Just like with the two previous options, simply hover over any section, and you’ll find a button to add a new one.

Name the section what you want, shortly explain what the content should be, and click on “Generate”.

Before the new section is added to your notes, you still have a chance to back out in case it’s not what you envisioned. You also have the option to make final edits yourself before finally accepting the new section.

It’s like Tetris, but acceptable during work hours!

February 19, 2024

Change Speaker Name in Transcript

Sometimes the speaker names in the transcript and summary are placeholders (Speaker 1, Speaker 2, and so on) or misspelled.

Just like before, you can ask Wudpecker to rewrite the notes with a prompt such as:

Change the name John to Max.

If you instead want to change the speaker names in the transcript, that is also now possible.

changing speaker name in transcript

Click directly on the speaker’s name, rewrite it, and save. The new name for the same speaker will be updated everywhere in the transcript.

February 12, 2024

“Ask Wudpecker” Suggests Insightful Questions

Ask Wudpecker is now smarter than before!

Previously, you could only submit your own questions about what specifically was said in the meeting.

It’s still possible to do, but on top of that…

  1. Wudpecker gives you suggestions for questions to ask.
  2. Those questions can be related to what was literally said, or even related topics (for example, any extra tips for career development that your supervisor didn’t mention in the meeting)

In other words, with Ask Wudpecker, you have an endless source of learning material related to your meeting’s discussions.


…type your question.

writing a question for ask wudpecker

But if you run out of ideas...

…select a question suggested by Wudpecker.

February 5, 2024

Customize Meeting Summaries Your Way

Most of the time, Wudpecker generates exactly the notes you need.

But sometimes…

  • you want the notes to be more detailed. And Wudpecker might have decided to be just a bit too concise.
  • instead of bullet points, you want to skim through a table
  • you prefer consuming your notes in a different language

Now, you can instruct Wudpecker to redo the notes, tailored specifically to you.

rewriting wudpecker meeting notes gif

You can either Replace the whole original summary with the new version, or Append the new one to the original notes at the end of the page.

This opens up many possibilities for customizing the notes and you can decide what type of edits you want to make depending on your role and needs.

Or, if you need to report to your manager in a specific way, Wudpecker will do the editing work for you.

You can also use the Wudpecker templates for rewriting notes.

Give it a try!