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How can AI transform the productivity of my online meetings?

November 24, 2023
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November 24, 2023
Hai Ta
How can AI transform the productivity of my online meetings?
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Have you ever wondered, amidst the tangle of online meetings that shape your workday, if there was a way to boost productivity?

“Do I really need to spend another 30 minutes to summarize a 30-minute meeting?”

Writing meeting notes can be a tedious job after the meeting

The Challenge of Productivity in Online Meetings

We've all been there, haven't we? The “Sorry, you go first” moments, the “Can you repeat that, please?” situations, and the frantic search for a crucial piece of information hidden in a haystack of meeting notes.

Studies show that professionals spend a third of their day in meetings, yet productive outcomes can often feel elusive.

Tracking Action Items

Think back to your last meeting. Ideas were tossed around like hot potatoes, decisions were made, and a series of action items emerged. But as the meeting ended, you found yourself staring at a jumble of notes. Which task was assigned to John again? Was the deadline this Friday or the next? Sound familiar?

In fact, according to a study by Atlassian, employees attend an average of 62 meetings a month, and consider half of them as time wasted. That's a whopping 31 hours spent per month grappling with misplaced action items, unclear instructions, and blurry timelines.

The Distraction Dilemma

We've all had that moment, haven't we? Your online meeting is in full swing, but so is the world around you.

The pings of incoming emails, the alluring lure of social media notifications, or the simple charm of a sunny day outside your window.

Before you know it, you've missed a crucial point in the discussion. There goes your perfect notes.

The Lost Ark of Information

Do you remember that project update from Mark in last month's team meeting? No? You're not alone.

With a surge in the number of meetings, remembering, let alone finding critical information from past discussions, feels like searching for the lost Ark of the Covenant.

A study conducted by McKinsey reveals that employees spend 1.8 hours every day—9.3 hours per week, on average—searching and gathering information.

That's a significant chunk of your work week spent in an endless loop of scrolling and searching.

Online meetings are a potent tool in the digital age, but without the right mechanisms to harness their power, they can quickly turn into productivity black holes. So, how do we navigate this? The answer might just lie in AI.

How AI Can Boost Productivity in Online Meetings

Imagine this. You're in a meeting, the discussion is flowing, and you're struggling to memorize all the info. Suddenly, you remember that the new AI notetaker (preferably from Wudpecker) has been in the meeting.

Automated Transcription

Wouldn't it be fantastic if we had a stenographer in every meeting? Well, AI is like having a tireless, super-fast stenographer that turns speech into text in real-time, giving everyone access to the meeting's minutes as they happen.

Action Item Tracking

Ever played Chinese whispers? Information can get twisted and lost, especially in meetings.

With AI, you've got a keen-eared participant that picks out and highlights the important stuff - the action items.

Meeting Summary and Highlights

How many times have you wished for a magic wand that condenses hour-long discussions into crisp summaries?

With AI, it's not magic, it's reality! It meticulously prepares a summary and even pulls out the highlights for a quick review.

Intelligent Search

Ever felt like Indiana Jones, hunting for lost treasures when you're trying to find a specific piece of information from past meetings?

AI transforms this arduous journey into a simple, effective search.

Use Wudpecker for your summary

Let me introduce Wudpecker, your AI-powered aide in online meetings. is an AI meeting tool that records, transcribes, and summarizes your meetings. You can also asks questions about the meetings that might not have been conveyed in the summary thoroughly enough.

  • Can extract insights despite the meeting length
  • Offers quality summaries and transcripts, making it easy to review meetings and find important insights quickly
  • Transcription available in 100+ languages
  • Records calls for later reference and sharing with remote team members
  • Provides ready-made templates or the option to create custom templates for note-taking
  • Allows users to create snippets from recordings, making it easy to share important sections of a meeting with others
  • Recognizes speakers during the meeting and separates their dialogue in the transcript, making it easy to follow along and attribute comments to the correct person

It takes all these AI capabilities and wraps them up into a neat little package, designed to ease your online meeting woes.

Wudpecker has successfully helped professionals navigate the sea of online meetings and retrieve important answers swiftly and efficiently.

The Future of AI in Online Meetings

In the world of online meetings, AI is not just a visitor, it's a future resident. Can you imagine automated follow-up emails, or even sentiment analysis during meetings? It's coming, and Wudpecker is set to adapt and evolve with these trends.


In the grand theatre of online meetings, AI is set to play a pivotal role. It promises a world where productivity isn't a struggle but a standard. So why not give Wudpecker a try and experience the AI difference in your online meetings?

And there you have it! A quick dip into how AI can transform the productivity of your online meetings. Remember, the future is not just coming; with AI, it's already here!

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How can AI transform the productivity of my online meetings?
Min Read
How can AI transform the productivity of my online meetings?
Min Read
How can AI transform the productivity of my online meetings?
Min Read