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New meeting productivity hack: AI notetaker join your meetings on your behalf

November 24, 2023
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November 24, 2023
Hai Ta
New meeting productivity hack: AI notetaker join your meetings on your behalf
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There are certain times when you must be in the meetings, driving the agenda of the call. But let's be honest, do we truly need to be present at every single one?

Think about the myriad of meetings you would like to glimpse into, but not necessarily prepared to spend those precious minutes listening to every word.

Yes, we're talking about the online meetings you're usually 'bcc'ed' in:

  • Project sync meetings
  • Product update meetings
  • Financial briefs
  • Training sessions
  • Strategy planning meetings
  • Client status meetings
  • And many more

Quite serendipitously, we stumbled upon an interesting use case. When we introduced Wudpecker to the world, we suggested our users not let the AI notetaker join meetings without them. Because it might make the participants uncomfortable, if the owner of the notetaker was not there to explain its purpose.

It was an attempt to make the technology less intimidating for other participants.

As it turned out, many realized the AI notetaker could handle meeting attendance for them, summarize the discussions, and provide a concise review they could peruse in minutes.

Users are sending AI notetakers to get the meeting notes on their behalf

We found three categories of users reaping the maximum benefits from this unexpected use case: executives, project managers , and professionals working in a different department.

How Project Managers can oversee entire projects in minnutes

Project managers, for instance, don't necessarily need to participate in all technical and detailed discussions.

Yet, they must stay abreast of the project's progress and any discussed deliverables.

That's where our AI notetaker steps in, keeping them updated without requiring their physical presence at every meeting.

Executives Turning Hours of Meetings into Minutes

For executives with a chock-full schedule of meetings, the struggle is real. They desire to stay in the loop but often lack the time.

Here's where an AI notetaker stands in for them, condensing a 60-minute discussion into a 3-minute summary.

Breaking Interdepartmental Silos with AI

Lastly, breaking cross-departmental silos has been a longstanding conundrum. A salesperson might not be able to dedicate an hour every day to attend product updates or marketing strategy briefings.

However, they certainly can spare 5 minutes to read a summary. Our AI notetaker ensures they remain ahead of the curve, well-informed about everything relevant.

Addressing the Elephant in the Room: The Newness and Potential Awkwardness of AI

Now, I understand the concept of having an AI attend meetings on your behalf might seem a bit outlandish.

Sure, it might be awkward in a one-on-one scenario with a team member. But let's clarify - it's not intended for that type of meeting. All meetings are not created equal.

From our experience, this initially counter-intuitive concept is a natural evolution of productivity behavior. Professionals continually strive for higher productivity. The dream of cloning oneself and being in multiple places at once isn't new, is it?

Time to get your AI meeting stand-in?

AI meeting tools like Wudpecker have achieved a standard of summary-writing that you can confidently rely on for precise information.

Don't just take our word for it - use for free and get the benefits for yourself! is an AI meeting tool that records, transcribes, and summarizes your meetings. It is built for you to enter these prompts and extract insights.


  • Can extract insights despite the meeting length
  • Offers quality summaries and transcripts, making it easy to review meetings and find important insights quickly
  • Transcription available in 100+ languages
  • Records calls for later reference and sharing with remote team members
  • Provides ready-made templates or the option to create custom templates for note-taking
  • Allows users to create snippets from recordings, making it easy to share important sections of a meeting with others
  • Recognizes speakers during the meeting and separates their dialogue in the transcript, making it easy to follow along and attribute comments to the correct person
Automatic quality online meeting notes
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New meeting productivity hack: AI notetaker join your meetings on your behalf
Min Read
New meeting productivity hack: AI notetaker join your meetings on your behalf
Min Read
New meeting productivity hack: AI notetaker join your meetings on your behalf
Min Read