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How Reps Can Prompt Demo Call Transcript With 11 Example Prompts

November 24, 2023
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December 15, 2023
Hai Ta
How Reps Can Prompt Demo Call Transcript With 11 Example Prompts
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In the thick of a demo call, you're pulling out all the stops to show off your software. With all that's going on, it's a cinch to miss the small stuff. When did the prospect really perk up? How did they react to the big reveal? And did they hint at any doubts?

No worries, though. We're living in a world where tech has our backs, big time. Transcription tools like Wudpecker gives you the chance to review all that you missed the first time around.

To make things even cooler, we've got 11 killer prompts for you. They're like your personal treasure map, guiding you to find priceless nuggets of insights buried in your demo call transcripts.

Prompt 1: How would you summarize the client's main pain points or problems mentioned during the demo call?

Identifying the pain points of the client is key to effective selling. This prompt helps in dissecting the client's problem and how your product/service can provide a solution.

Example answers:

  • The client mentioned issues with managing a remote team.
  • The client is struggling with data analysis and visualization.
  • The client expressed concern over high costs in their current workflow system.

Prompt 2: What features or aspects of our software did the client show the most interest in?

This prompt can help in understanding what part of your offering is particularly attractive to the client, which can be emphasized in future discussions.

Example answers:

  • The client was interested in the real-time collaboration feature.
  • The client asked more about our data encryption methods.
  • The client was excited about our integration capabilities with other platforms.

Prompt 3: Were there any objections or concerns raised by the client about our product or service?

This prompt is important to identify any potential roadblocks in the sales process, allowing you to address them proactively.

Example answers:

  • The client was concerned about the complexity of software implementation.
  • The client expressed worries about the cost of our software.
  • The client questioned the scalability of our solution for their growing team.

Prompt 4: How did the client react to the pricing information?

Understanding the client's response to pricing can provide valuable insights for negotiation and can help identify any potential barriers related to cost.

Example answers:

  • The client seemed surprised at the affordability of our software.
  • The client showed some hesitation when the price was discussed.
  • The client asked about potential discounts for long-term contracts.

Prompt 5: Did the client mention how our software compares to any competitors' offerings?

This question can help you understand the competitive landscape from the client's perspective and could offer insights on how to differentiate your product.

Example answers:

  • The client mentioned that our user interface is more intuitive than our competitor's.
  • The client noted that our customer support seemed more robust.
  • The client expressed that they find our data analysis capabilities more comprehensive.

Prompt 6: What questions did the client ask that we need to follow up on?

This prompt helps ensure no client query is left unanswered and helps identify areas where further information is needed.

Example answers:

  • The client asked for a detailed comparison between our product and a competitor's.
  • The client wanted more information on our data security protocols.
  • The client asked about future feature updates.

Prompt 7: How would you describe the client's overall emotional response during the call?

This prompt helps to gauge the emotional tone of the client which can be an important factor in the decision-making process.

Example answers:

  • The client seemed enthusiastic and open throughout the call.
  • The client appeared skeptical and reserved.
  • The client was excited but also expressed some concerns.

Prompt 8: How well did our software solution align with the client's needs as expressed during the call?

This prompt helps to determine the alignment between the client's expressed needs and our product. It allows the sales rep to reflect on the value proposition and how effectively it was communicated.

Example answers:

  • The client seemed impressed with how our software could automate many of their current manual processes.
  • While the client appreciated our software's features, they didn't see a strong connection with their immediate needs.
  • The client was excited about how our software could streamline their workflow, but wished it had better integration with a tool they currently use.

Prompt 9: What were some of the key takeaways from the client's feedback about our demo?

This prompt helps in reflecting on the effectiveness of your demonstration and any adjustments that may be needed for future presentations

Example answers:

  • The client felt the demo was too rushed and wanted a more in-depth demonstration.
  • The client appreciated the demo's thoroughness but wanted to see more use-case examples relevant to their industry.
  • The client loved the interactive part of the demo and wished for more hands-on demonstrations.

Prompt 10: What commitments or next steps did the client agree to at the end of the call?

This prompt can help in identifying and tracking what the client agreed to do next, providing a clear roadmap for following up.

Example answers:

  • The client agreed to discuss our proposal with their team and get back within a week.
  • The client committed to a trial period of our software.
  • The client decided to move forward to contract negotiation.

Prompt 11: If there was one thing you could change about this demo call, what would it be?

This prompt facilitates self-reflection and improvement, fostering a learning mindset that is important for sales reps.

Example answers:

  • In retrospect, I should have spent more time explaining our software's unique features.
  • I think I could have handled their price objections more effectively.
  • I should have done a better job clarifying the implementation process of our software.

Awesome prompts! But umm… Where can I even use it?


You can paste the transcript of your meeting into ChatGPT, and then attach the prompts to produce results.


  • You can try for free and it works for shorter transcript of 15-minute calls.


  • The free version doesn’t have high reasoning capability. So it’s likely you will get answers that make your eyes roll.
  • Token limit. If the transcript is from a 30+ minute call, it’s likely that you will get an error that your prompt was too long.
  • Might not produce results during peak hours.

Wudpecker is an AI meeting tool that records, transcribes, and summarizes your meetings. It is built for you to enter these prompts and extract insights.


  • Can extract insights despite the meeting length
  • Offers quality summaries and transcripts, making it easy to review meetings and find important insights quickly
  • Transcription available in 100+ languages
  • Records calls for later reference and sharing with remote team members
  • Provides ready-made templates or the option to create custom templates for note-taking
  • Allows users to create snippets from recordings, making it easy to share important sections of a meeting with others
  • Recognizes speakers during the meeting and separates their dialogue in the transcript, making it easy to follow along and attribute comments to the correct person


We came a long way from scribbled notes, unreliable memory, and a mountain of recordings that noone have time to watch.

These ten prompts are the introduction invaluable tools that can help sales reps extract critical insights from demo call transcripts. Leveraging these prompts can transform the way you interpret your conversations and set the stage for successful client engagement.

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How Reps Can Prompt Demo Call Transcript With 11 Example Prompts
Min Read
How Reps Can Prompt Demo Call Transcript With 11 Example Prompts
Min Read
How Reps Can Prompt Demo Call Transcript With 11 Example Prompts
Min Read