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The Future of Creativity Online | Cyan Banister, Pippa Lamb, Ida Josefiina | Slush 2023

December 9, 2023
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December 18, 2023
Jenna Pitkälä
The Future of Creativity Online | Cyan Banister, Pippa Lamb, Ida Josefiina | Slush 2023
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Want to learn the best business insights from remarkable speakers at Slush 2023, but don’t have the time to watch the full speeches on YouTube?

You’ve come to the right place. Below is a summary of a speech by Cyan Banister, Angel investor and partner at Long Journey Ventures, and Ida Josefiina, co-founder of Sane, a social knowledge sharing platform, will take the stage with Pippa Lamb, Partner of Sweet Capital.

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<p class="h1-rich">🤏 TL;DR</p>

A meeting was held to discuss creativity, its importance in the tech industry, the relationship between art, creativity, and technology, the future of online identity building, the impact of increased access to creative tools, the intersection of serendipity and creativity, and investing in the future of creativity online. Action items included investigating the potential of spatial mapping and AI AR technologies, investing in companies that focus on the creativity-productivity spectrum, developing tools and platforms for serendipitous moments and collisions, and encouraging the democratization of creativity through accessible tools and technologies.

<p class="h1-rich">✨ Summary</p>

Introduction and Personal Definitions of Creativity

  • Pippa, a partner at suite capital, shares her background in design and her excitement about the role of technology in augmenting human creativity.
  • Cyan Banister, a venture capitalist, defines creativity as the ability to bring an idea into reality.
  • Ida Josefiina, co-founder and CEO of Sane, describes creativity as the synergy between personal experiences and the output of ideas.

The Importance of Creativity in the Tech Industry

  • Ida explains her interest in mitigating global risks and the need for collective wisdom and creativity to solve complex problems.
  • Pippa discusses the need to balance productivity and creativity, highlighting the potential of tools like AI to empower individuals in their creative endeavors.
  • Cyan emphasizes the importance of authenticity and being true to oneself in order to achieve one's best work.

The Relationship Between Art, Creativity, and Technology

  • Cyan sees technology as a form of art and believes that every product created involves creative expression.
  • Pippa shares the story of how Cyan asked her about her first experience with a Kinder Surprise egg and discusses the importance of extracting personal memories and experiences in technology platforms.

The Future of Identity Building Online

  • Pippa envisions a future where individuals can create their own unique online identities and express themselves authentically.
  • Cyan believes that everyone should strive to discover and express their true selves, and emphasizes the importance of mental health and well-being for entrepreneurs.

The Impact of Increased Access to Creative Tools

  • Pippa discusses the democratization of creativity through user-friendly tools and the potential for unprecedented innovation and disruption in various industries.
  • Cyan reflects on how consumerism may change as people gain access to tools that fulfill their creative desires without the need for physical products.

The Intersection of Serendipity and Creativity

  • Cyan highlights the importance of serendipitous moments and collisions in sparking creativity and calls for the development of tools and platforms that enable spontaneous collaboration and exploration.

Investing in the Future of Creativity Online

  • Pippa looks for founders who think outside the box and have the ability to envision and pursue ambitious goals.
  • She prioritizes the founder's mindset and their approach to problem-solving over the specific business model or scalability of the venture.
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The Future of Creativity Online | Cyan Banister, Pippa Lamb, Ida Josefiina | Slush 2023
Min Read
The Future of Creativity Online | Cyan Banister, Pippa Lamb, Ida Josefiina | Slush 2023
Min Read
The Future of Creativity Online | Cyan Banister, Pippa Lamb, Ida Josefiina | Slush 2023
Min Read

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