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Building with OpenAI – ChatGPT, Agents and the Path Towards AGI | Slush 2023

December 8, 2023
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December 18, 2023
Jenna Pitkälä
Building with OpenAI – ChatGPT, Agents and the Path Towards AGI | Slush 2023
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Want to learn the best business insights from remarkable speakers at Slush 2023, but don’t have the time to watch the full speeches on YouTube?

You’ve come to the right place. Below is a summary of a conversation between Romain Huet (Head of Developer Experience at OpenAI) and Vince Hankes (Partner at Thrive Capital).

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<p class="h1-rich">🤏 TL;DR</p>

Vince Hankes from Thrive Capital and Romain Huet from OpenAI discussed the recent developments at OpenAI, its plans for expansion in Europe, and the implications of its latest product offerings. OpenAI has grown significantly in Europe with over 34 million users and partnerships with major companies like Spotify, Delivery Hero, Zalando, and Klarna. OpenAI also launched GPT-4 Turbo, an updated and more affordable language model, and introduced new modalities such as text-to-speech, vision, and DALL·E 3 in the API. The conversation also touched upon the concept of AI agents, the trade-offs between open-source and closed-source models, and the importance of developer experience in OpenAI's offerings.

<p class="h1-rich">✨ Summary</p>

OpenAI Metrics in Europe

  • OpenAI's chat expertise has 34 million users in Europe.
  • In Finland, there are over 600,000 active users of OpenAI's chat expertise, which is around 10-11% of the population.
  • Major European companies, such as Spotify, Delivery Hero, Zalando, and Klarna, are using OpenAI's API.
  • OpenAI has opened offices in London and Dublin and plans to expand its team in Europe.

Romain's Background and Role at OpenAI

  • Romain is a founder and an engineer with experience at Twitter and Stripe.
  • He recently joined OpenAI as the leader of developer experience.

Reflections on Recent Events

  • The past few weeks have been challenging for OpenAI, but the company is back on track.
  • Sam Altman and Greg Brockman have returned to the company, and Romain is excited about continuing the mission of building safe and AGI for humanity.
  • OpenAI received overwhelming support from customers, partners, and developers during this time.

Product Updates from Dev Day

  • The launch of GPT-4 Turbo, an updated and more accessible language model.
  • GPT-4 Turbo offers lower prices for input and output tokens, larger context window, better instruction following, higher rate limits, and improved speed.
  • New modalities, such as text-to-speech, vision, and DALL·E 3, were introduced in the API.
  • The focus is on enabling developers to create personalized and customizable AI experiences.

The Concept of Agents

  • An agent is an AI system that is capable, personalized, and customizable.
  • Agents can perform tasks on behalf of users and execute specific workflows.
  • OpenAI sees GPTs and the assistance API as steps towards developing agentic software.
  • The goal is to create a platform where founders can build innovative customer experiences.

Considering Wrappers vs. Long-Term Product Value

  • Using OpenAI's API allows founders to build rapidly and access the most advanced models.
  • Open source models may offer cost advantages and more control, but using the API provides ease of use and innovation opportunities.
  • Long-term product value depends on unique insights, specific workflows, and the ability to compete with large companies.

Developer Experience at OpenAI

  • Developer experience at OpenAI focuses on elevating the user experience, removing friction, and offering an easy path for integrating AI into products.
  • The goal is to provide self-serve experiences that empower developers and enable rapid prototyping and deployment.

Trade-Offs between Open Source and Closed Source Models

  • OpenAI values open source and contributes to the community, but closed-source models provide more control and help prevent misuse and abuse.
  • Using the API allows founders to focus on building their MVP and achieving product-market fit quickly.
  • Cost and safety considerations play a role in the decision to use the API instead of open source models.

Exciting Developments for Next Year

  • OpenAI is excited to continue transforming software with natural language and conversational AI.
  • The company anticipates breakthroughs and innovative products from founders using OpenAI's technologies and modalities.
  • OpenAI looks forward to seeing which founders will be presenting their successful applications based on OpenAI tech in the future.
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Building with OpenAI – ChatGPT, Agents and the Path Towards AGI | Slush 2023
Min Read
Building with OpenAI – ChatGPT, Agents and the Path Towards AGI | Slush 2023
Min Read
Building with OpenAI – ChatGPT, Agents and the Path Towards AGI | Slush 2023
Min Read

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