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The First European LLM Chatbot: Live Event Summary

November 29, 2023
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December 15, 2023
Jenna Pitkälä
The First European LLM Chatbot: Live Event Summary
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Want to know more about how chatbots are becoming smarter and making customer service more efficient with large language models?

On 29th Nov, 2023, LeadDesk organized an informative lunch webinar ("Meet the first European LLM Chatbot") about the topic and other AI features they've developed.

It was too good to not share! Check out the best insights from the webinar below.

(psst: the notes were automatically generated with Wudpecker's AI notetaking tool. If you'd like to check these notes + transcript + audio recording without needing to log in, press here.)


Lead Desk is developing AI features to improve customer service, including chatbots and multilingual capabilities. The AI technology can also assist call centers and agents with tools such as AI analysts, email scripting, call summaries, and voice bots. The benefits of AI features include reduced contact handling time, improved efficiency, and faster email writing, but limitations include the need for accurate training data and potential hallucination issues. Action items include reducing waiting times, implementing a user-friendly batch system, addressing language barriers, and simplifying the process for handling customer inquiries.

✨ Summary

Customer Frustrations with Customer Service

  • Long waiting times for customer service
  • Feeling rushed during interactions with customer service agents
  • Receiving incorrect or inadequate answers from customer service

AI Features for Customer Service

Product Manager's Overview of AI Features

  • Lead Desk's product manager discusses the use of chatbots and AI in customer service
  • The chatbot functionality can be improved by integrating large language models
  • Lead Desk is working on AI features such as AI analysts, AI email scripting, call summaries, and voice bots

Benefits of AI Chatbots and Multilingual Capabilities

  • AI chatbots can provide quicker and more accurate responses to customer queries
  • Multilingual capabilities allow customers to receive support in their preferred language
  • Lead Desk is working on automating the translation process for chatbots

Questions and Answers with Santa

  • Santa asks about the process of getting the chatbot ready to answer questions
  • Security of customer data is assured by Lead Desk
  • Santa inquires about the ability of chatbots to understand complicated names
  • Lead Desk's AI technology can be trained to recognize and handle complex names

AI Features for Call Centers and Agents

  • AI analyst tool helps managers generate reports quickly and easily
  • AI call summarizer provides qualitative insights into call outcomes
  • AI writer assists agents in writing emails faster and more efficiently
  • Voice bots can answer phone calls and handle customer inquiries

Benefits and Limitations of AI Features

  • Reduced contact handling time and improved efficiency in call centers
  • Accurate and automated call summaries for evaluating performance and campaign success
  • Faster email writing with AI assistance
  • Voice bots can handle phone calls and provide customer service
  • Limitations include the need for accurate training data and potential hallucination issues

Future Developments and Implementation

  • Lead Desk is continuously working on improving and expanding its AI features
  • Integration with existing systems and databases allows for automatic updates of the chatbot database
  • The AI technology can be used for gamification and agent coaching in outbound calls
  • Lead Desk plans to launch its voice bot feature in the near future

✅ Action Items

Based on the provided call transcript, here are the most important and urgent action items:

  • Create a system to reduce long waiting times in customer service by improving response time and providing accurate answers.
  • Implement a user-friendly and efficient batch system to help customers find the right answers quickly.
  • Address the language barrier issue in customer service by ensuring that customers can communicate in their preferred language.
  • Simplify the process to handle customer inquiries and complaints to avoid complications and unsolved cases.
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The First European LLM Chatbot: Live Event Summary
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The First European LLM Chatbot: Live Event Summary
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The First European LLM Chatbot: Live Event Summary
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